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Wood Countertops for Rustic and Modern Kitchens

Countertops restoration and installation in Houston

To give your kitchen the ultimate cozy look, nothing beats wood countertops. They're a warm and inviting alternative to more sterile options such as concrete or marble. Of course, that doesn't mean that a giant block of walnut or maple works only in a rustic kitchen. Depending on the type of wood and finish you choose, wood countertops can fit into just about any style of kitchen. Plus, they're affordable and can be refinished if they get nicked or stained.

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5 Reasons to Go for Venetian Terrazzo

Houston terrazzo restore expert

1. It’s an Italian Tradition

Venetian terrazzo is a classic Italian flooring. Despite its name, it wasn’t invented in Venice, but it’s associated with that city because it enjoyed great popularity there during the Serenissima Republic (7th to 18th centuries), when it was widely used for flooring in the palaces of the nobility.

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How to Repair Scratched Hardwood Floors

Houston hardwood restore services

Hardwood floors are one of the most commonly used flooring materials, and can be found in almost any home. More than likely, you will run into hardwood floors in one of your homes. It’s best to know how to respect and care for this beautiful, rich-grained material.

Maybe just as commonly found are scratches in these floors. Some scratches can add character to your hardwood floors, while others you can’t stand to see.

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Hardwood Floors: Size, Shape, Finish and Grade

Houston Hardwood floor restoration services

There are many different types of hardwood flooring that you can choose from. Aside from dozens of different species, each with unique characteristics, you also have different stain, finish, and decorative treatments that can be applied to the surface. This means that hardwood has nearly limitless potential as both a natural accent, and a canvas for your own creative endeavors.

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