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Countertop Buying Guide

Countertops Restoration

Finding the perfect countertop shouldn't be a challenge. Learn about different types of countertops so you can find a surface that’s right for your home and budget.

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7 Things You Don’t Want on Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Restore In Houston

With distinctive grains and unique tonal qualities, hardwood floors are a beautiful, time-tested addition to any home or office. Unlike carpeting or vinyl that often needs replacing after 10 or 12 years, hardwood is a “forever floor” that can last for decades—if you take good care and the precautions listed below in our wood floor tips.

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How To Hire a Wood Floor Installer

Floor Floor We Restore

While installing hardwood floors looks as easy as putting together a jigsaw puzzle, it is usually best to hire someone with the specialized tools and knowledge to make this project fit together seamlessly.

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Parquet Wood Flooring

Hardwood Floor Installation

Decorative Hardwood In Tile Form

Parquet refers to a type of flooring that is created by taking very small slats of wood and arranging them in distinct, repeating patterns. The wooden pieces are generally formed into tiles of varying shapes and then installed in such a way that the individual pieces all contribute to a greater, concerted pattern that stretches across the entire floor.

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Why a Micro Bevel Is On Your Flooring?

Hardwood Floor Repair

The first time I purchased pre-finished solid hardwood floor, the boards came with a micro bevel. The product literature praised the virtues of micro bevel and how I was such a lucky homeowner to get this feature at no extra cost. But I never knew why my flooring had it. Finally, I learned.

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