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Countertops Restoration

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If you’re looking for new countertops, you’ve come to the right place. Floor Floor We Restore is a countertop contractor in Houston, TX, and we offer a wide variety of options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for high-end granite or prefer a more moderately priced material, we have the tools and skills to install the countertops you’re looking for.

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How to Clean Granite Countertops

Cleaning with Baking Soda

1. Use baking soda poultices for tough stains. What happens when a dirty spot becomes a stubborn stain, not capable of being washed away simply with your homemade granite cleaner? Use baking soda for more stubborn stains that won't do away after a rub or two.

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Insight to Cleaning Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo Floors

One problem that occurs frequently with new Terrazzo floors is a cloudy or milky surface appearance. Contractors often meet little success in their efforts to eliminate clouding because they most often attempt to correct the situation with repeat applications of the same materials and procedures that permitted the original difficulty. Such measures would be successful only if the original problem was created by inefficient workmanship which is seldom true. The basic chemistry that occurs when cement sets creates this situation, and it is compounded by the failure of cleaning chemicals and processes used in trying to remove and eliminate the residue of the cement chemistry from the floor’s surface.

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How to Quiet Squeaky Stairs


Squeaky stairs are inevitable in any home with wooden steps. The cause of the squeakiness is the aging of the wood on the tread of the stairs. The tread is the flat piece of wood that creates the stair itself, the area that you step on. The wood dries and shrinks as it ages, causing the tread to pull from its framework, named the stringer. This allows space in between the tread and the stringer for the stair to slide up and down on its original nail creating the squeak. Luckily, a squeaky stair fixes when you tighten the tread back onto the support of the stair's stringer.

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Ceramic, Stone or Wood?

Everything You Need to Know About Your Home's Flooring Options

Bamboo. Cork. Ceramic porcelain. Natural stone. With so many unique options to choose from, whoever said choosing a flooring option was easy?

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