Cleaning hardwood floors contractor in Houston

#1. -Step. – First, vacuum the floors very well. Start at the wall furthest away then work back until you have covered the entire floor.

This works best with a canister type vacuum that has a bare floor attachment because canister vacs work well at picking up all trash and dust that is on the floor, plus you can clean the baseboards as you go.

If you have a home with lot of wood floors, then I recommend a Miele vacuum because they are easy to work with and do a good job.

If you don’t have a canister vacuum, then sweeping your hardwood floors with a broom.

#2. -Step. – Next, after you have swept the wood floors, then you can proceed cleaning them with a mop.

Start by spraying the floor with a wood floor cleaner, then just mop it up as you go.

I recommend using a flat mop to mop the hardwood floors. A flat mop comes with a cloth cover that is removable and washable. Plus, flat mops cover all areas of the floor well, and they don’t leave trash behind like string mops do.

Using this method is the fastest way that I have found for cleaning hardwood floors. These steps give the best results with least amount of effort.

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28 Cleaning hardwood floors contractor in Houston

Cleaning Hardwood Floors Contractor in Houston

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