You come home from a long day running errands and all you want to do is sit down and rest. You’re weary and don’t even feel up to the task of removing your jacket or shoes until you’ve had the chance to take a breather. We get it, really, but please, take those shoes off! Not only does it give your feet a break, but it’ll help your floors too! 

Read on to find out our reasons for removing those shoes before walking around your home.

1. Prevent Unsightly Scratches

Hardwood floor provides a shine and beauty unlike any other floor, demonstrating its natural patterns and tone. With each scrape and scratch, you’re diminishing the floor’s charm, so you try to keep that to a minimum. 

Now think of it this way: Shoes that have pointy heels can easily cause a deep scratch, or say a pebble is lodged in your tennis shoe and you’re walking around with it unknowingly causing blemishes all day long! Removing your shoes at the door will reduce scratching and leave your floors looking healthier longer. 

2. Avoid Water Damage

Shoes collect the details of your day, especially when it’s raining or snowing out. Wearing these shoes into the house brings these details inside too, which then allows for water and ice to pool and puddle on the floor. This moisture can quickly lead to water damaged hardwood floors with warping. Why take this risk when you could leave a pair of cozy house shoes by the door to slip into instead? 

3. Keep the Floor Cleaner Longer

When you wear your shoes in from outside, you’re increasing the amount of dirt and grime on your floors. Roughly 90% of the germs on your shoes could transfer to your floors, and nobody wants that. Removing your shoes at the door will keep your floors cleaner, your family healthier, and you happier (because you have to sweep and mop less!). It will also keep your hardwood floors from having to be refinished as often!

Tips For Making Barefoot a Breeze 

Now that you know the benefits of shoe removal, you’ll want to implement it in your home! These are some ways to make it a simple practice for you and your family:

  • Keep a designated shoe area by the door to make entering and exiting easy 
  • Place a doormat outside of each entrance to the home
  • Put slippers or house shoes next to the entrances so they’re readily available
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