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First, let’s look at its closest cousin, engineered wood.

Engineered wood flooring–a plywood-type base topped with hardwood–is often called hardwood flooring. Flooring manufacturers like to claim this, too.

Thus the emphasis on the word solid–flooring that is hardwood from top to bottom.

Interestingly, it is not all hardwood. Softwoods abound. Even bamboo–not a wood at all–is often sold within the same category. Finally, classic tongue-and-groove is one hallmark of solid hardwood flooring.

Places It Can Be Installed

Solid. Hard. Those words give the impression that solid hardwood flooring is an indestructible material, suited for all places in the house. Let’s look at various parts of the house and how they are suited for hardwood installation:

  • Basements: No. Basements, also known as below-grade locations, are a poor choice due to the high moisture content.
  • Dining, Bedroom, Living, etc.: Yes. All at-grade or above-grade locations, with the possible exception of the locations listed below, are excellent choices.
  • Kitchens: Possible. Solid hardwood can work in kitchens, but many homeowners choose to install more moisture-resistant surfaces such as tile or resilient flooring.
  • Bathrooms: Not recommended. Too much moisture.

Solid Hardwood Vs. Other Floor Coverings

Sure, engineered wood flooring, laminate, and resilient flooring may look like solid hardwood. But how do they compare on major points?

  • Solidity: Solid hardwood feels solid. Except for engineered wood floor, no other wood or wood-type flooring gives you that same feeling of solidity.
  • Structural Properties: This solidity is due to solid hardwood’s structural properties, bridging minor gaps, smoothing minor bumps. Engineered wood provides this, but laminate and resilient flooring do not.
  • Resale Value: Solid hardwood is a plus that will increase the value of your home. Engineered wood’s resale value is comparable.
  • Price: Good solid hardwood floor starts around $4.50 per square foot. Engineered flooring ranges around the same price, and laminate is far cheaper than either.
  • Installation: If you’re considering DIY-installing your solid hardwood, you may get a better result if you hire a crew. Laminate and resilient flooring are DIY-friendly.

Source: thespruce

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Houston Restore Hardwood Floor.

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