With winter getting ready to set in for the next handful of months, you and your family may find yourselves hunkering down a bit more than normal to wait out this cooler time of the year.

Well, if you have to be stuck inside, you might as well love that area you will be inhabiting, right?

Floor Floor We Restore is in the giving mood this holiday season, and we would like to place down our two cents when it comes to handing out advice on how to create a snug and glowing indoor vibe for you and your family to enjoy.

Combat The Dreariness

During this time of year here in the Spring, Texas area, as we move into January, we can have overnight lows in the mid 40s, and this can lead to a more dull, yellow look to the overall landscape.

To combat this within your indoor space, any type of Christmas decoration can really liven up a space and give it a warm glow. The traditional colors of red, green, and gold will instantly add pop and pizzaz to the interior of your home.

Fuzziness Is Fun

We don’t know about you guys, but we love to strategically place various types of throw blankets throughout our house during this time of year. Whether in your den, the downstairs rec room, or the upstairs living room, various types of flannel and plush blankets are a major crowd pleaser when it comes to comforting-up your living space during the winter.

In addition to blankets, there are other, less used items which can still give your home a cozy feel. Overly thick, plush, bath towels, kitchen towels, and rugs are all items used to parlay poignant positivity during the holiday season.

Shine On

Another go-to this time of year is using candles, especially in the living room and kitchen. Taking it a step further, scented candles such as apple cider or pine can really set the mood.

It is important to note here, that if you have young children or pets, you should always be aware of when candles are lit, making sure they are in a place in which they can’t be knocked over or touched, or able to light anything on fire. Also, never leave candles burning unattended.

However, if you follow these safety tips, candles can really warm up your indoor space.

Use What Ya Got

One of the more lovely things this time of year is being able to curl up next to a cozy log fire while sipping some hot coco or egg nog. While a gas fire can still produce a homey and toasty feel, nothing beats the crackling, popping, and aroma of a wood fireplace.

If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace, don’t be afraid to fire up that puppy once and a while this winter. You just may even please your neighbor as they will be getting the wafting, woody sweetness coming from your chimney.

Taking these steps each winter season will allow you and your family to have a space in which you can feel safe and warm.

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