Hardwood floors can add a classic, beautiful aesthetic to your home.  They are sturdy, long-lasting, and very easy to clean.  Wood flooring also provides a healthier air quality due to their lack of particle-trapping fibers and the like.  Just take proper care of them and their beauty will last.  We recommend refinishing hardwood every few years to get rid of any marks and damage.  But when is it easiest to get this project done?  We’ve put together this list to help!  

Ideal Times to Refinish Hardwood Floors 

  • While you are on vacation.  

The refinishing process alone usually requires about 3 to 5 days, so setting the appointment while you will be out of town is a great idea.  With the household members away, there is no worry about accidentally impeding the new coat from drying and the process of cleaning, sanding, and recoating can all be done with ease.  You also need to add a few extra days before any furniture can be moved back onto the floors.  Do some research to ensure you employ a trustworthy, local company to do the job.  You can also ask a friend or neighbor to be in charge of facilitating entry and lock up instead of giving the workers your house keys for an extra level of comfort.  

  • Prior to move-in. 

Ask for the floors to be refinished ahead of move-in time.  It can all be taken care

of before there is any furniture to worry about moving or schedules to be arranged.  Refinishing hardwood also produces quite a strong smell, so getting it done prior to moving in is ideal.  The workers are free to do the project without having to work around you, and then you are able to enjoy the newly refinished floor upon moving in.  

  • In Spring or Fall.

The best times of year to refinish hardwood are spring or fall.  Winter can be too cold to leave all of your windows open which means the products will have a hard time airing out properly.  There is also a risk of travel delays due to weather conditions if you live somewhere icy.  In Texas, we know the summertime comes with a lot of humidity.  Humid conditions aren’t ideal because the floors will take longer to dry.  

The Most Common Mistake to Avoid 

Not Planning for Enough Time. 

The biggest mistake we find customers making is not leaving enough time for the project to be completed.  Not only does it take about 3 to 5 days to refinish the flooring, you also need to account for an extra 4 days or so before anything can be moved back into place.  This means you actually need to plan for 7 to 9 days from start to finish.  Whenever possible, request the refinishing before you move into a new residence.  This saves time and money.   

If you are needing floors refinished in your current residence, try to stay elsewhere or take a trip during the job to avoid a lot of extra hassle.  Just make sure to plan a long enough stay!  

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